Our Mission

The Montrose Animal Protection Agency (MAPA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the welfare of companion animals through public education and to reducing the number of unwanted animals by encouraging the spay or neuter of dog and cat pets.

MAPA does not share mailing lists with other organizations.


Our Goal​​​​​​​

MAPA works with area veterinarians to promote a spay/neuter program for companion animals of qualifying families. The pet owner can select the veterinarian he prefers. Veterinarians then help their clients fill out a voucher with the appropriate information, including total costs and the amount MAPA can pay to help defray costs.​​​​​​​


Our Meetings​​​​​​​

MAPA meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. The meeting location is announced in the Daily Press the week before and is also printed on this website. We welcome all nes members!

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Our mailing address is: PO Box 2009, Montrose 81401

In addition to this website, visit our Facebook page​​​​​​​, listed under "Montrose Animal Protection Agency" for more current events and shelter news.

Important Info:

To have MAPA help, the pet owner must certify that he/she lives in Montrose County or in the Norwood area, and that he/she makes less than $40,000 annually.

Billing is between the pet owner and the veterinarian. The veterinarian sends the completed voucher to MAPA for payment of MAPA's share of the bill. MAPA's voucher payments vary with dog or cat and the animal's gender. The voucher program depends on grants and donations and is only possible if funds are available.

Also, please note: Spay/neuter clinics are held by our participating veterinarians throughout the year. Please check our calendar to see their schedules. Prices to pet owners during these clinics are reduced. Final costs to owners reflect these reduced costs. They vary by veterinarian and can represent significant savings. Check with the vets beforeyou schedule to see what those savings are.

MAPA also focuses on providing financial aid to help lower-income families have their dogs and cats spayed or neutered. Animals without the ability to reproduce live healtier, longer, and happier lives. Spaying and neutering cuts down on the number of unwanted and abandoned animals, thereby helping to eliminatepotential community problems.

MAPA aid is funded by personal and business donations, community fund-raising events and monies from granting organizations that support animal well-being. We supply only partial payments for payments for spay/neuter surgeries:

                                     Cat              Dog    
Neuter (Male)    $30               $60

Spay (Female)    $60                $70      

*All other charges are paid by the pet owner directly to the veterinarian.

How to get financial help for spay/neuter of your dog or cat

Our granting agencies demand that MAPA clients meet and attest to two requirements:

1. That they live in Montrose County or near Norwood in San Miguel County and


2. Have a family annual income that is less than $40,000 a year

Who can qualify for financial aid to spay or neuter a pet?


1. Choose a veterinary clinic that meets your needs. MAPA pays only a part of the surgical cost. You are responsible for some of the surgery cost and all other costs, so it pays to comparison shop and ask just what is included in the services, what the costs will be for all services, and when the bills will have to be paid.

2. MAPA supplies vouchers to area veterinarians. The vet you select will help you fill out the demographic data, your pet's data, and the surgical financial data, including MAPA's contribution. You will have to initial that you meet the income and residency requirements.


3. When the surgery is completed, you will pay the vet directly for our part of all costs less the MAPA portion. The veterinarian will send our voucher to MAPA and we will reimburse our portion of the surgical cost directly to the vet.

How to apply for financial aid if you qualify


Alta Vista Animal Hospital    1845 E. Main, Montrose 81401    

Montrose Veterinary Clinic    2260 S. Townsend, Montrose 81401   249-5469
Morningstar Veterinary Clinic    717 N. Cascade, Montrose 81401   249-8022
San Juan Veterinary Clinic    822 Spring Creek, Montrose 81401   249-4490


Western Slope Animal Hospital    7478 6075 Road, Olathe 81425   323-0444

Norwood Area    

San Miguel Veterinary Clinic    PO Box 960
40775 Hwy. 145 Norwood, 81423  



North Fork Veterinary Clinic    761 Stahl Road, Paonia 81428    



Houseweart Veterinary Clinc    9224 3200 Road, Hotchkiss 81419   872-3592

Veterinarians that currently use MAPA vouchers

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Spay-ghetti Dinner and Auction at the Camp Robber Restaurant

Trivia Night, in which tables of up to eight pay a fee to compete for awards by answering trivia questions

Santa Paws at Chow Down Pet Store. Get a Picture or your pet with Santa (makes a great gift!)

The Christmas Letter, an annual request for funds in the spirit of holiday giving.

Information Booths at the Home and Garden Show.


MAPA participates in the Amazon Smile, Paypal and City Market Cares programs. Sign up and a percentage of your purchase cost is donated to MAPA. To sign up for City Market Cares, please email montrosepets@yahoo.com


Donations can be made at any time by mail at the address shown above. If you are interested in providing funds through a bequest or other type of gift, please contact our Vice President, Bill Cunningham, by email at bcunningham26937@gmail.com.